7.12.2012 – 5.1.2013, Anna Nykyri & Hanna Ojamo: Archive Films 2006–2011

Yrjönkatu 8–10 (courtyard), 00120 Helsinki, Finland,
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Open: Tue–Fri 12–17, Sat–Sun 12–16

7.12.2012 – 5.1.2013
Anna Nykyri & Hanna Ojamo

Archive Films 2006-2011
is a joint exhibition, consisting of seven short films by Anna Nykyri and Hanna Ojamo. The films, which were made 2006–2011, are all based on Finnish and foreign archival film material, through which the artists explore the relation of an individual to her surroundings from a social, political and an economical perspective. Working with archival material signifies to the artists a sort of a investigative work with historical evidence, as well as a questioning of the objective truth value of the archives.

Anna Nykyri
(Master of Fine Arts, b. 1981, Kaustinen) works as an artist and a director with moving images in the areas of film, visual arts and theater. Nykyri uses both film and archival material to create documentary films and cinematic video installations. The themes of her work are often political, such as questions concerning power and control, the structures of propaganda and hidden violence. Nykyri’s works have been shown at both Finnish and international film festivals, museums and galleries. She received the main prize in the short film category for her work Five Fragments From the Extinct Empathy at the Hot Docs documentary film festival in Toronto, Canada.

Hanna Ojamo (Master of Fine Arts, b. 1979, Helsinki) is an artist and a director. Her works often deal with social topics. History, politics, public space and freedom of speech, as well as the influence these topics have on the life of an individual are central themes in Ojamo’s work. Ojamo is also known from her active participation in artist politics and as an artistic director. At the moment Ojamo is also preparing her master’s thesis in art management for the Arts Management Program at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and she is also managing her own artist residence.

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Hanna Ojamo: Negretina