Night of the Arts, 22.8.2013: Riikka Puronen’s e-book launch

Yrjönkatu 8–10 (courtyard), 00120 Helsinki, Finland, +358 9 612 33 44,
Open: Tue–Fri 12–17, Sat–Sun 12–16

Teoksia:Works 2005-2013Meet the artist Riikka Puronen at the e-book launch at Photographic Gallery Hippolyte on the Night of the Arts, Thursday 22 August, 5-9 p.m. Welcome!

On the Night of the Arts Riikka Puronen will be at the gallery between 5pm and 9pm. During the evening 
her 135-page e-book, Teoksia – Works 2005–2013,  will also be launched. Photographs in the book are by Jussi Tiainen, Esa Semeri and Saila Semeri. The text is by Veli-Matti Saarinen and layout by Maria Appelberg.

Take a look at the book HERE

Riikka Puronen’s exhibition at the Photographic Gallery Hippolyte presents a series of sculptures and drawings, which draw inspiration from the world of various products and their names. World of Ideas examines sculpture’s relationship with material, presentation and words.

At Hippolyte Studio you can see Aino Huhtaniemi’s photographs in her exhibition Autuas aina – Photographs of Finnish Schools.