, Hanna Ljungh: Vivisections


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Hanna Ljungh’s work often circles around dominant concepts of interpretation. In her work she questions ideas about science and how the human gaze forms all that is not man made. Ljungh investigates hierarchies within this value system. In her most recent work, Vivisections, she uses staged investigations, such as the geological excavation, where a scientific subject matter gets treated with subjective motives. Ljungh works in a fashion where her images become a performance or evidence of a performance or ritual.

Ljungh’s Vivisections are made up of recycled building material, spray paint and personal belongings. The works can be seen as a planned investigation of something that is both memory and factual – past and present. They balance on the border between scientific studies and personal stratifications.

At Hippolyte Studio Hanna Ljungh will show new work from her series Vivisections, where she has developed the ritual and subjective part of the work further by obstructing the investigation at hand. Ljungh will also show the new sculptures Specimen 1, 4 and 5 (Temporary totems of time).

Based in Stockholm Hanna Ljungh (b.1974) works with video, photography and sculpture. She has a B.F.A. from Parson School of Design, New York and a M.F.A from Konstfack, Stockholm. Ljungh is perhaps best known for her video installations, which have been shown extensively in Sweden and Germany. Recently her work has been shown at Fotografiska in Stockholm, ANNAELLEGALLERY in Stockholm, Husby Konsthall, Växjö konsthall and Vigelandmuseet in Oslo, Norway.


history press2-1(Hanna Ljungh, from series Vivisections)

Hanna Ljungh is visiting Helsinki as part of the Focus AiR artist-in-residence program during April and May 2014. The recidency in Helsinki is realized in co-operation with Photographic Gallery Hippolyte and HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme. www.focusair.info