30.5.–27.5.2014, Sirpa Päivinen: Homo Fluctuaris – Floating Human


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Homo Fluctuaris – Floating Human

Floating is drifting randomly with the flow. It creates an illusion of  immateriality. When afloat, your body is weightless and your muscles relax. The floater doesn’t feel pain and feelings of stress are reduced. Floating frees you from the stimuli of the environment, noises are softened. The beating of your heart and the sound of your own breathing are the only clear and strong sounds. The surrounding world and its demands fade away.

Sirpa Päivinen (b. 1965) lives and works in Helsinki. She has studied photography at the University of Arts and Design in Helsinki. In addition to her artistic work, Päivinen works as a freelance photographer. Swimming Pool is Päivinen’s first video piece.

Swimming pool_2013Sirpa Päivinen, Swimming pool (videostill), 2013