5–28 Sept 2014 Salla Lahtinen: howwewanttobeseen.tumblr.com


How We Want To Be Seen is an art project that was open online during 2013 – 2014. Anyone could submit their passport photograph and a social media profile picture for the artist to use. The pairs of photographs shown at Hippolyte Studio were selected from approximately 50 images, all viewable online. Each piece makes a comparison between a profile image chosen by the persons themselves and a standard passport photograph. The project looks for answers for questions such as “How do we want to be seen?” and “How do we choose to present ourselves?”.

The project is again collecting new images during September 4­ – October 31, 2014. To participate go to http://howwewanttobeseen.tumblr.com and click ‘submit’.

Salla Lahtinen (b. 1991) graduated from Saimaa University of Applied Sciences with a BA in Fine Arts in spring 2014. Lahtinen is from Lahti and works now in Nastola. She currently works with Internet art projects and animation. Her work, as shown at Hippolyte Studio, deals with the ways people present themselves in images and social norms.

Image: Salla Lahtinen, 2014

5–28 September 2014
Hippolyte Studio

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