31 Oct – 23 Nov 2014 Aulis Harmaala: Metamorphose

Perhonen kadulla

In November Hippolyte Studio presents Metamorphose, an exhibition by artist Aulis Harmaala combining photography and installation. Based on a collection of butterflies, it is a study on transformation.

The collection, found by Harmaala on a fleemarket, includes hundreds of neatly labelled butterflies. Shattered wings lay on tarnished papers and the glass of one display case is broken. Small labels are filled with names, locations and dates. The lives of the owners’ must have changed as the collections have ended up on a fleemarket.

Franz Kafka wrote in his novella Metamorphosis (1915) about a travelling salesman who one morning wakes to find himself transformed into a large insect. The novella illustrates changes that happen in the mind, the surroundings and in the relationships between people. The transformation reveals a situation in the protagonist’s family and radically unravels it.

The way we represent ourselves changes alongside our social lives. Furthermore, the modern man has created an artificial need of metamorphose. Personalities, lifestyles and religions are sold and exchanged like consumer products. The increase in supply and demand result in complexe identities.

The transformation from egg to larvae and further to a colourful butterfly is mystified by humans. In greek mythology Psyche was the wife of god Eros and a goddess with butterfly wings. The dream of a person burdened with suffering is to become someone who finally enjoys the good side of life and lives at ease.

Artist Aulis Harmaala graduated with an MFA in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2011. Harmaala uses personally made objects in performances in front of a camera and turns them into photographs. His works are installations that combine objects, performance and photographs.

Image: Aulis Harmaala, Perhonen kadulla,  2014



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