Applying for an exhibition at Hippolyte for 2017

Applying for an exhibition at Photographic Gallery Hippolyte & Hippolyte Studio for 2017

The application periods have changed!

  • From now on artists can apply for an exhibition roughly 1,5 years in advance.
  • The applications are submitted via an electronic form.
  • During spring 2016 you can apply for exhibitions from January to December 2017 (Application period 18 April – 31 May 2016)
  • During autumn 2016 you can apply for exhibition from January to July 2018 (Deadline 30 Oct 2016)


Hippolyte is divided into two exhibition spaces: the main gallery Photographic Gallery Hippolyte (c. 72 m2) and the smaller Hippolyte Studio (c. 13 m2). The larger gallery is c. 6 m high, where as Hippolyte Studio is a lower space, c. 2,8 m. There are no windows in either space.

With one proposal you can apply for either the gallery space, the studio or the two together. You cannot submit one proposal for either or.

We accept applications from all artists for both spaces. Photographic art plays an important role in Hippolyte’s programme, and we hope for some connection to photography in its wider definition. The connection should also be communicated in the proposal when necessary.

The proposals should be submitted only via an electronic form. The form will be available on Mon April 18 2016 and closes on Tue 31 May 2016, midnight.

For further instructions, please visit:


Mari Mäkiö’s exhibition at Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, March 2015 (image: Mari Mäkiö)