5 – 28 Aug 2016 PAULA LEHTONEN
Harmaja +10 west-northwest 35m/s


Paula Lehtonen’s video installation shows us scenes that resemble a disaster movie taking place in Helsinki. Having lived in Helsinki since 2009, Lehtonen is fond of local scenery: “Although I hope that the views won’t change, I dream of a disaster that would spell an end to all laws and force survivors to start all over again. If only something really big would happen that would truly make a difference!”

In a city that has so far escaped natural disaster, inside the walls of an art gallery it feels safe to watch staged scenes of horror, although the real disaster may in fact be creeping in instead of crashing over our heads. In her installation consisting of video footage, light and sound, Lehtonen uses the power of image to shape reality and technology to simulate nature. Even when we understand their illusory power, images can induce the same sense of helplessness in us as forces of nature. The effect of moving images is particularly strong.

Paula Lehtonen
is a Helsinki-based media artist who works with video installation and electronic art. In her work she uses conceptual devices and humour to explore the dilemma between technological society and primitive nostalgia for nature. Lehtonen graduated from the fine arts programme at Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2008. She has an MA in New Media from MediaLab at Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture, earned in 2013.


CONCERT on 25 August 2016, 7 p.m.
On the Verge of a Catastrophe – Audiovisual Ambient at Hippolyte
An audiovisual concert by Rasmus Hedlund and artist Paula Lehtonen is heard during the annual Night of the Arts, on Thursday 25th of August at 7 pm. Rasmus will play his dub emphasized set of ambient tunes, accompanied by Paula’s (Vixen VJ) weather and nature oriented visuals – partly produced for her exhibition at Hippolyte. Facebook-event

5 – 28 August 2016
Harmaja +10,  west-northwest 35m/s

Yrjönkatu 8–10, courtyard, 00120 Helsinki, Finland
+358 9 612 33 44, www.hippolyte.fi
Tue–Fri 12–17, Sat–Sun 12–16


Image: Paula Lehtonen: Harmaja +10  west-northwest 35m/s, video installation, 2016