CONCERT AUG 25, 2016
On the Verge of a Catastrophe – Audiovisual Ambient at Hippolyte


An audiovisual concert by musician Rasmus Hedlund and artist Paula Lehtonen is heard during the annual Night of the Arts, on Thursday 25th of August at 7 pm. Rasmus will play his dub emphasized set of ambient tunes, accompanied by Paula’s (Vixen VJ) weather and nature oriented visuals – partly produced for her exhibition at Hippolyte.

Rasmus Hedlund is a Helsinki based musician, producing and playing mainly techno, dub and ambient music both domestically and internationally. Hedlund has published widely on different record labels all over the world over the years, but has lately concentrated his productions on his own label called Ljudverket (ambient) and on Helsinki based label Etherwerks (techno).

Photographic Gallery Hippolyte is open during The Night of the Arts from 12 until 9 pm.