Niina Vatanen’s Time Atlas at Hippolyte Foyer

Niina Vatanen‘s mini exhibition based on her latest artist book Time Atlas has been bringing light and joy to otherwise dark December days. We celebrated the launch of the book on Friday 29th November and the exhibition is going to be on display until 15th of December, welcome!

Niina Vatanen, Time Atlas
Can time be detected? Does time have a beginning and an end? Visual artist Niina Vatanen is looking for answers to these questions in latest book, Time Atlas (Kehrer 2019). Following an idiosyncratic visual and intuitive logic, Vatanen combines images from intimate personal archives, Internet imagery to old encyclopaedias and newspapers. In the book, the images intersect and overlap creating new and surprising connections. Consisting of almost 300 pages, the book comprises 274 pictures. Inspired by encyclopaedias, Vatanen has organised the pictures loosely with thematic categories, exploring how visual memory, history, and personal experience intertwine. Niina Vatanen is an artist working with photographs, text and archive material. Her works have been on display in numerous galleries, museums and photo festivals in Finland and abroad since 2006. Niina Vatanen has published two books: A Room’s Memory / Huoneen muisti (Kehrer 2013) and Archive Play (Kehrer 2014).


kuvat: Niina Vatanen, Time Atlas, 2019; Milla Talassalo