Photobooks from Finland’s Newspaper Vending Machine invites readers to Culture Factory Korjaamo!

PBFF (Photobooks from Finland) has invited nine artists and artists collectives to create publications using the newspaper format. The individual newspapers are published fortnightly and are sold in PBFF’s newspaper vending machine, located on the grounds of Culture Factory Korjaamo, Helsinki. The publications, featuring photographs, text, paintings and sculptures, can be retrieved from the vending machine round-the-clock from August to December 2020.

The first publication is The end of the world is easier to imagine (Questions for 2020) by Tekla Inari & Rooftop Press. The publication is sold for four euros (4 €) at 20.8.–2.9.2020. A poetical reflection on the complex relationships between people and things, events and places in a neoliberal society of the neverending tiny spectacle. In her timely belles-lettres the artist participates in ongoing conversations around a variety of issues such as alienation, love, body politics, urban planning, structural oppression hiding in plain sight and the painful limitations of human communication. The discursive, meditative investigation is conducted with warmth and an open hearted empathy towards narrator’s fellow entities.


Rooftop Press is a Helsinki based nonprofit publishing initiative exploring publishing as artistic practice and publications as space for contemporary art. By working collaboratively and in close dialogue with other artists, the publishers aim at expanding the potential and deepening the understanding of what it means to publish within an artistic context. Rooftop Press maintains a micro press Vallilan risopaja and organises an occasional artist’s publishing event Bookies.

Established in 2014, PBFF is an association known for promoting photographic art books and publications relating to or made in Finland by archiving and presenting them nationally and internationally (including Fotobok Festival Oslo 2016, Unseen Amsterdam 2015). In 2018 PBFF published its first publication as part of the exhibition of the same title at the Finnish Museum of Photography in Helsinki.

The Newspaper Vending Machine is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland. It is realised in cooperation with the Association of Photographic Artists and Korjaamo Culture Factory.

More Info:
Toni Vallasjoki, 040 5099 580
Tuomas Linna, 040 8471 375

PBFF Newspaper Vending Machine

Culture Factory Korjaamo

images: Rooftop Press & Photobooks from Finland