Welcome to meet Kukka-Maria Rosenlund and Sofia Pyy at Hippolyte on Sun 27.9. from 2 to 4 pm!

Visual artists Kukka-Maria Rosenlund and Sofia Pyy will be at the gallery on Sunday September 27th from 2 to 4 pm. Welcome to discuss their artistic process, as well as the themes and the works on display at Rosewater Park and Attempt of Becoming a Bird exhibitions!

Kukka-Maria Rosenlund works combine camera-based techniques and various material structures. She often examines issues related to transformation and identity. In her exhibition Rosewater Park, through the use of rosaceous imagery and the illusion of paradise, Rosenlund contemplates upon the contradictions and expectations associated with beauty. The exhibition is on view until September 27th 2020.

Sofia Pyy is interested in the process of abstraction, absurdity, puns, and nonsense. At the heart of her work is to look at what happens when concepts are disassembled and remixed to form new, even whimsical, combinations. Pyy’s Attempt of Becoming a Bird is a sketchbook-like exhibition that explores spaces, scales, and alternative forms of life. The exhibition is on view until September 27th 2020.

image: Milla Talassalo (Kukka-Maria Rosenlund, Venus vase, 2020)