Photographic Gallery Hippolyte open by appointment from December 1st 2020

The pandemic affects Hippolyte’s opening times!

To book a private gallery visit, please contact us preferably a day in advance: and phone. +358 (0)9 612 3344. Number of visitors max. 5 people at a time.

Most times you will also be able to visit our exhibitionsalso spontaneously within our normal opening hours on weekdays Tue-Fri 12-17 and on weekends Sat-Sun 12-16. The gallery gateway is kept open and you can get inside by ringing the doorbell. However, if you want to make sure this is possible (eg you are traveling from a further distance) please call us in advance!

Be sure to also check out our sales collection online at In addition to the collections compiled by the curators, you will find an online bookstore and a print shop that will open on December 2, 2020. Hippolyte is taking part in Helsinki Design District’s Joulu kotiin läheltä campaign, where you get a -10% discount of the gallery’s bookstore books and artworks, books and prints sold in the sales collection. The discount code for online purchases is DDMARKET2020 and the discount is valid from 1.–15.12.2020.

At Photographic Gallery Hippolyte we monitor the COVID-19 epidemic situation closely and act accordingly securing the well-being of our audience and staff. We will inform you about the changes on the gallery’s website and on our social media channels. If you are ill, stay home and contact health care if necessary. We strongly recommend using a face mask while visiting the gallery. Follow good hand hygiene: come to the gallery with clean hands and wash your hands whenever necessary or use hand sanitizer. Cough or sneeze to your elbow or sleeve. Do not touch the artworks and avoid unnecessarily touching the surfaces. For more information please visit

Have a safe visit!
Photographic Artists Association

(image: Artist Group SIKT, still-image from video work Natt i Parken, 2020)