Open Call: Photographic Gallery Hippolyte & Hippolyte Studio, Spring 2025

Hippolyte Gallery’s Open Call for Spring 2025 is now open and all artists practising any of the various forms of contemporary art are eligible to apply. Artists groups and curators can also apply with a finalised exhibition concept. The exhibition program is based on photographic art, and proposals will preferably have links with photography or the extended field of photography.

Hippolyte exhibition applications in a nutshell
– Applications are submitted using an online form
– Open Call for Spring 2025 is open now, in Autumn of 2023
– Deadline for applications is on Tuesday 31st October 2023 at 23:59.

Hippolyte has two exhibition spaces, the larger one being the Photographic Gallery Hippolyte (aprox. 72 m²)and the smaller one Hippolyte Studio (aprox. 13 m²). One application can be used to apply for only one of the following: the Gallery exhibition space, the Studio or the entire gallery (both of the spaces). It is not possible to use the same application to apply for either of the exhibition spaces alternatively.

Exhibition times for Spring 2025 are from January to June. The length of the exhibition period is generally four weeks, including the installation, deinstallation and opening days.

Applications are submitted using an online form, which is open until 31st of October. Please make sure you have carefully read all the information before submitting your application. Find details regarding the Open Call, exhibition spaces, fees and gallery services here. Please, familiriaze with the materials carefully before submitting your application.

For queries and further information, contact:
Exhibition coordinator Anna Airaksinen, 0503799036


image: Emma Sarpaniemi’s exhibition from September 2023,
Two Ways Two Carry a Cauliflower
(Milla Talassalo)