About Us

Photographic Gallery Hippolyte is an exhibition space for contemporary art. The program focuses on photographic art and its extended field. Inside the gallery there is a bookshop specializing in volumes of photographic art. Hippolyte is an artist-run, non-profit organisation managed by the Association of Photographic Artists.

Association of Photographic Artists promotes the status and appreciation of Finnish photographic art and artists. Association’s members include the majority of Finnish photographic artists. Finnish photographic art has been internationally renowned for decades.

Photographic art can be bought from the exhibitions at Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, from its upcoming online sales collection, and from events held by the Association, such as Art Fair Suomi.

Art Fair Suomi is an international contemporary art festival that brings thousands of artworks together under the same roof, ranging from performances to photographs, installations and sound art. The festival happens in Helsinki every other year. Art Fair Suomi is organised in collaboration by Association of Photographic Artists and Artists’ Association MUU.