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Hippolyte has two exhibition spaces, the larger one being the Photographic Gallery Hippolyte and the smaller one Hippolyte Studio. Exhibitions are selected on the basis of open calls. All artists practicing any of the various forms of contemporary art are eligible to apply. Artists groups and curators can also apply with a finalised exhibition concept. The exhibition program is based on photographic art, and proposals will preferably have links with photography or the extended field of photography.

Hippolyte exhibition applications in a nutshell:

  • Exhibitions are applied for about 1½ years in advance
  • Open Call twice a year, usually during the months of October and April
  • Applications submitted using an online form (down the page).


Open Call for Spring 2025 will be open in the Autumn of 2023.
Exhibition times are from January to June. Applications are submitted through an online application form.

Exhibition spaces and time slots

As a rule exhibition time slots last four weeks, which include days required for installing, demounting, and openings. The openings are usually held on Thursday evening prior to the first day of the exhibition. Gallery is open from Tuesday to Friday 12-17 and during weekends 12-16. In July the gallery is closed.

Photographic Gallery Hippolyte is located in the centre of Helsinki, right beside Diana park. Hippolyte is divided into two exhibition spaces: the main gallery, Photographic Gallery Hippolyte (c. 72 m2), and the smaller Hippolyte Studio (c. 13 m2). The larger gallery is about six and a half metres wide, ten metres long and six metres high (6,5m x 10m x 6m). The approximately 3×4 meters square Studio is c. 2.8 m high. Neither space has windows. Both of spaces have spotlights for gallery purposes.

The exhibition area is directly connected to the Photographic Artists’ Association’s office through an open balcony. Sound and light travel between the Studio, the Gallery, and the office. Please note that the gallery space cannot be totally blacked out. Also note that sounds from works in the Studio should be channelled into headphones. When necessary, a curtain is hung over the Studio doorway. See photos of the space and the floor plan below.

Application and appendices

Exhibition slots are applied for using an online form.

One application can be used to apply for only one of the following: the Gallery exhibition space, the Studio or the entire gallery (both of the spaces). It is not possible to use the same application to apply for either of the exhibition spaces alternatively.

The online form should be accompanied by an appendix describing the proposed exhibition, along with example pictures that support the idea. Please include:

  • exhibition plan
  • CV
  • image and text samples, as well as images from previous exhibitions, which support the exhibition concept

NOTE! The appendix will be submitted in a single file. Name the file: last name_first name. The maximum size for the file is 10 MB.

The application should contain a written account of how the exhibition relates to photography or its extended field, if that is not obvious. In addition, the portfolio should, where possible, give the planned works’ titles, years of completion, dimensions, techniques, and any other information that might help form an impression of the planned exhibition. If the exhibition proposal involves moving image or sound pieces, the application should preferably include a link to a sample of the work or the entire work. The work should be viewable on the Internet (e.g. on Vimeo, YouTube). Incomplete applications will not be evaluated.

NOTE! In the form, the Association of Photographic Artists is asking a permission to process the applicants personal data in connection with exhibition applications. Personal data will not be disclosed to members of the exhibition committee or third parties. The data will be deleted when the exhibition application procedure is completed and the exhibition selections are confirmed.


Processing of applications

Applications are processed by the exhibition committee of 3-5 members, who are all also members of the Association of Photographic Artists. In addition, a guest member will be invited to attend each exhibition committee meeting. The exhibition applications are peer reviewed. All applicants are informed personally of the committee’s decision via email or text message. Every effort is made to inform applicants about decisions for the spring season before Midsummer, and for the autumn season by Christmas. Exhibition process as a graph.

Exhibition fees

In 2023–2024 the exhibition fee for a time slot in the Photographic Gallery Hippolyte is €700 for members of the Association of Photographic Artists and €1100 for non-members. The fee for the Hippolyte Studio is €300 for all artists. The exhibition fee for both spaces combined (Photographic Gallery Hippolyte + Hippolyte Studio) is €1000 for members and €1400 for non-members. The fee is confirmed annually by the board of the Association of Photographic Artists.


The exhibition fee includes standard equipment for installing works on walls. It does not include any AV equipment or printing or posting invitation cards. The artist is responsible for hanging, transporting, and insuring the works during the exhibition, as well as one’s own travel expenses and AV technical support. The Photographic Artists’ Association takes 25% commission on the sale price (before VAT) of works sold. Hippolyte’s exhibition policies and procedures here.

The exhibition agreement include the following services:

  • exhibition supervision
  • layout and printing of the exhibition poster
  • editing and proofreading of the exhibition text and list of works together with the exhibitor, as well as translations into Swedish and English
  • sending out the press release and electronic invitation to Hippolyte’s guest lists
  • informing about the exhibition on Hippolyte’s website, event calendars, and social media
  • staff help and support during installing and demounting
  • visitor and media tracking
  • exhibition documentation
  • press and other contacts, opening ceremony and non-alcoholic beverages
  • planning and organising of the possible program together with the exhibitor


Application form

Application opens Monday 2nd of October.
Fill in the application form here.

Please make sure you have carefully read the information on this page before submitting your application.


Photos of the spaces at Hippolyte:

Hippolyte galleries in 3D (click the image to download the files from Dropbox):

Hippolyte floor plan:

Further information:
Exhibition Coordinator Anna Airaksinen
+358 (0)50 379 9036, anna.airaksinen [at]