7–30 August 2015 Appu Jasu, The Poetics of a Line

Photographic Gallery Hippolyte

How the relationship between a human and the surrounding world is formed, is at the core of the exhibition The Poetics of a Line. The world built by Appu Jasu’s exhibition finds its shape through personal experiences and theoretical experiments, in practicality through text, photography and video.

Time and culture form spaces and infrastructure both in the physical and virtual reality. That seemingly organised chaos is being held together by an eye that moves in the midst of it. The eye registers and produces relations, stretches their propotions and pushes matter off its course. In its constant movement it never knows if something is big or small. By tracing the lines it can however sense their coexistent similarity and endless particularity.

Once in a while the perceived and the viewer change places. The eye forgets the direction in which meanings are built up, out of the pupil or into it by visions that pass through it? The process stops and for a while everything revolves in circles until the question is forgotten like breathing that’s no longer thought of.

Appu Jasu (born 1987) is an artist based in Turku. He uses photography, text and video as mediums in his works. He has studied in the Arts Academy in Turku and graduated from the program of fine art in 2014. In addition to visual art he also makes both experimental and popular music.


7–30 August 2015
The Poetics of a Line

Photographic Gallery Hippolyte
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