11.1.–3.2.2013, Aiko Tsukahara: Space apartment

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Space apartment


A cloud is not an object that has a shape of its own. It is an organic assembly of water particles, which remain neither too close nor too distant from each other. Each one of these water particles share a kind of common destiny inside its faint contour until they fall to the ground when they cannot hold the overweight of themselves.

The pixelized cloud as inorganic assembly is an abstract object, which is like a huge edifice floating in a space or like the smallest molecular structure resolved into the essence of matter.

Aiko Tsukahara
is a Japanese artist based in Helsinki. She has graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts in MA and has studied in the University of Art and Design Helsinki. She works between two-and-three dimensionality with her interest in space and architectural details.  

11.1.–3.2.2013, Aiko Tsukahara, Space apartment (kuva/photo: Jaakko Koskentola)