4–27 March 2016 Jaana Maijala, All is Moving but All is Shapeless

Photographic Gallery Hippolyte

Beyond What I Know

Jaana Maijala’s exhibition All is Moving but All is Shapeless combines the artist’s works from the years 2011-2015. Mountaintops and the surface of the sea are repeated in the form of both drawings and photographs – we also get a little wink from Picasso and his doves from 70 years ago… Many of the works included have been inspired by journeys to various mountains in Switzerland, Norway, Spain and Portugal.

Jaana Maijala works through combining drawing and photography. Where as drawing is a tool of trial for Maijala, photography on the other hand is slower and more solid, a method of analysis. Sometimes the drawings are also born without looking at the paper, to avoid the critical gaze of oneself. The unique pieces are a result of a well rehearsed eye-hand coordination.

The expression of movement and force is central to Maijala’s strong pieces. Important starting points for her work are questioning the absoluteness of one’s own experience and the uncertainty yet uniqueness of perception. Maijala is intrigued by repetition as a working method, as the observation and interpretation of the same subject are different each time and thus the resulting piece always takes on a new form.

Jaana Maijala (b. 1984 in Ylistaro) is a visual artist working in Helsinki and on mountains. Maijala graduated with an MA from the Aalto University in 2013. She has taken part in several group exhibitions in both Finland and abroad. In addition to her own artistic work she is also part of the artist group Maanantai Collective. All is Moving but All is Shapeless is Jaana Maijala’s first solo exhibition in Helsinki.

The exhibition has received support from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland

4–27 March 2016
All is Moving but All is Shapeless

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Closed 25 March 2016

(image: Jaana Maijala, Beyond What I Know, 2014)