Hippolyte 14.9.-7.10.2012, Juan Kasari: More Surface – More Feeling

Photographic Gallery Hippolyte



More Surface – More Feeling

The exhibition More Surface – More Feeling at Photographic Gallery Hippolyte consists of new works realized in various ways. A central theme is the deconstruction of structures that maintain the perception of photography’s relation to reality during a digital and analog era. I have been interested in the original form of digital photography, and how the image is broken and changed during different processes, thus reaching new levels.

As an artist, I am interested in expanding the concept of photography in different directions and breaking the surface structure of photographs with material experimentation. In my work, I combine, for example, epoxy varnish and pure pigments with digital effects. In realizing the images, I have also used computer programming and numeral methods. Photography itself has a medial role in the birth of my work; functioning more as a technique in the construction of the work.

Juan Kasari (b. 1974) is a visual artist based in Helsinki. He has studied at the Institute of Desigh and Fine Arts in Lahti, Finland and graduates this year with an MA in Time and Space Arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. Kasari works with different media and his work has been exhibited at several exhibitions in Finland as well as other places in the world.

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