Kukka-Maria Rosenlund Ruusuvesipuisto


Photographic Gallery Hippolyte

In Kukka-Maria Rosenlund’s exhibition, Ruusuvesipuisto, the viewer dives into a space between fantasy and reality. Through imagery of roses and the illusion of a paradise, Rosenlund examines questions of longing, love, shame, and constant change. The installation-like exhibition features photographs and objects. Memories associated with objects are an important part of Rosenlund’s work process—they shape the time that flows through the generations to the present moment. Memory is often attached  to details and events from which new information can then be generated. Rosenlund has used various image transfer techniques on different tactile materials such as clay, canvas, and photographic paper in order to make the artworks.

In her work, Kukka-Maria Rosenlund combines lens-based techniques and mixed media. She explores themes of memory and constant change, gardens, shame and longing, fantasy and reality. In 2020, Rosenlund graduated from Aalto University’s Master’s program in Photography. Her works have been exhibited in several exhibitions in Finland and abroad.


Kukka-Maria Rosenlund

Photographic Gallery Hippolyte
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image: Kukka-Maria Rosenlund, Ruusuvesipuisto, 2020