27 May – 19 June 2016 Lina Jelanski, Fieldworks


Lina Jelanski’s works are born from combinations of natural landscape and man-made materials. She uses plastic screens and papers to create site specific pieces that finally take on the form of a photograph. Jelanski approaches her subject by looking at contrasts emerging from colors and textures. In her pieces the border between natural and artificial materials dissolve and the unnatural becomes part of the landscape.

Spontaneity and playfulness are the most important elements in my process. I’m inspired by the unknown terrain and the joy of discovery it brings. My artistic approach to the subject is responsive to the environment. In this project I was inspired by Lee Ufan’s sculptures from his series “Relatum” (1969), that in a very minimal way show the interaction between the natural and man-made, “ Lina Jelanski explains.

Fieldworks was quite randomly born from observing the environment while traveling. Through improvisation the artist found a new way to work and she will continue working with the series in the future.

Lina Jelanski
(b. 1984) graduated as a photographer from the Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts and is currently studying for her MA in Photography at the Aalto University in Helsinki. In addition to her artistic work, she also does commercial shoots. Fieldworks is her first solo exhibition.

The exhibition has been generously supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

27 May – 19 June 2016

Yrjönkatu 8–10 courtyard, 00120 Helsinki, Finland
+358 9 612 33 44, www.hippolyte.fi
Tue–Fri 12–17, Sat–Sun 12–16

(image: Lina Jelanski, from series Fieldworks, 2016)