2–25 Jan 2015 Milla-Kariina Oja, Parallel Interiors

Photographic Gallery Hippolyte



Milla-Kariina Oja’s new exhibition Parallel Interiors observes the concepts of private space and its boundaries. Living in China for several years has influenced Oja’s work and the urban density of Beijing prompted her to reflect on one’s own private space. Parallel Interiors was realised in China, Finland and New York.

The video works in the exhibition are based on interviews conducted by the artist. They examine the meaning of intimate space in a world where one’s identity more and more rarely is based on the location where one lives.

Contemporary art researcher Hanna Johansson writes about Oja’s work: ”In the exhibition home and the act of dwelling are approached through the constructed environment and through its material limits that define private and public. At the same time the works show that home is not only defined by the exterior walls, doors and windows, but also made actively by living in the space.”

Through investigating the characteristics of different spaces and juxtaposing similar spaces with each other Oja attempts to observe what connects the spaces together, not architecturally or materially, but on an emotional level. In our memories the spaces we have lived in bear the same meaning. They have all been shelters for us, spaces of protection and comfort. In our memories they become one.

Milla-Kariina Oja (b. 1976)
currently lives and works in Helsinki. She graduated with BA (Hons) Fine Art from Manchester Metropolitan University 1999. She continued her studies in a Fine Art PhD program 2000-2002 at the University of Barcelona, Spain. Her works have been exhibited in galleries and art museums in Europe and China. Oja is one of the artists in Turku Biennial held in the summer of 2015.


The project was made possible with the kind support of:
Kone Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Alfred Kordelin Foundation, City of Helsinki Cultural Office and Starkki.


2–25 January 2015
Milla-Kariina Oja

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