Noora Geagea 3 PÄÄVÄRIÄ 27.10.–19.11.2023

Hippolyte Studio

The original visual material from which Geagea’s exhibition works originate are the artist’s own rhythmic gymnastics competition videos recorded in the 1990s. Geagea communicates themes of overachievement, unhealthy power dynamics between a child and an adult, the harm of a lack of autonomy, and taking ownership of one’s own space. The visual material has been post-processed with techniques such as spray paint, symbolising the pressures that come from external sources such as coaches, clubs, associations, states, or parents.

The photographic works at Hippolyte Studio are self-portraits, but Geagea does not think of herself; instead, she envisions the gymnast as a universal figure and archetype within a competitive society. Geagea also aims to challenge the glamour of elite sports and dispel the stardust surrounding it. The gymnast in the artworks is portrayed as an overachiever, appears hazy yet creates beauty as an active participant in their performance.

Noora Geagea is a Helsinki-based visual artist and storyteller currently working with photography, video, and drawing. Geagea holds a master’s degree from the London College of Fashion. Her works have been exhibited in various places, including Forum Box gallery in Helsinki, Serlachius Gösta Museum in Mänttä, Miettinen Collection gallery space in Berlin, Mänttä Art Festival, Bremen Art Museum, and Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition. Most recently, she was featured in the RIBOCA23, Riga Biennale exhibition catalogue. Geagea’s works can be found in the art collections of the Finnish state, Serlachius Art Museum, Miettinen Collection, and KEVA.

The exhibition is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike).



Noora Geagea
Hippolyte Studio

image: Noora Geagea, Y, 2023