Sofia Pyy Attempt of Becoming a Bird


Hippolyte Studio

Sofia Pyy’s Attempt of Becoming a Bird is an exhibition that comprises drawings and photography whilst exploring themes of existence, non-existence, and imaginary life. The body of work, consisting of a photographic book, poems, and photographic prints, is like a laboratory that develops new flavors, color combinations, and moods. Through the camera lens, visual elements—lines, spots, and traces—transform into three-dimensional spaces or locations. Images of everyday little notes and wordplays create an imaginary world in which realisation of characters vary between a human, a bird, an insect, or an electronic device. The characters of the alternative reality and the macro-world communicate with each other and live their own quiet lives.

Sofia Pyy is a Helsinki-based artist who works with drawing, photography, and text. She is interested in the process of simplification, absurdity, and abstraction. The main question in her work is what happens when concepts are disassembled and mixed to form new humorous and meaningless combinations. Pyy is currently completing her studies in Aalto University’s Master’s program in Visual Culture and Contemporary Art.


Sofia Pyy
Attempt of Becoming a Bird

Hippolyte Studio
Open: Tue-Fri 12-17, Sat-Sun 12-16

image: Sofia Pyy, 2748, from series, Attempt of Becoming a Bird, 2019