12 – 22 November 2015 Adolfo Vera, Ebb and Flow

Photographic Gallery Hippolyte

Ebb and Flow 07

A person is a person with or without an ID. No human being can possibly be illegal. And we haven’t gone extinct, up to now, thanks to group and generational solidarity.

Paco de Laguna

Let’s freeze it all, let’s remain inert for a while, suspend our mind and abstract from time. Impossible! Inertia governs the body, our pulse beats, our blood travels through the body in a continuous ebb and flow. And the body decomposes. All this can’t be prevented!

Movement is a defining feature of life. Not even death brings life to a standstill, for death is part of a transformative process. Nothing stays as it is. Moving is a law of nature. Even plants, bound by their roots, make sure their offspring migrate by means of wind, water or fauna, and colonize the four corners of the Earth.

Humans, as recalled in The Little Prince by Saint-Exupery, do not have roots. They never did, not even cultural ones. They have feet and manage to adapt, or readjust, to new surroundings thanks to their cultural baggage. Humans have always migrated: from forest to savannah, from village to town, from country to continent, and in a perhaps not so distant future to a different solar system. They always crossed boundaries, even if it would be at the expense of their lives, as it happened to Lucy (name given to the fossilized skeleton of a 3.2 million years old hominid). Moving allows for reconstructing what is deconstructed. And what has moved this movement was the same yesterday, is the same today and will be same tomorrow: survival.

The images are based on corpus of documents on the history of migration, and the exhibition as a whole perceives the relationship between archive / memory, space and time. They call upon past events to bring them to present times, not just as a remembrance, but as a reconstruction aimed at visualizing how universal migration is and how its manifestations are diverse in form at different times.

What happened yesterday; happens today and will happen again, someday.



12 – 22 November 2015
Ebb and Flow

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